The Dark Tower Server

  • The Dark Tower – PVE – C


  • English in Global chat please.
  • Build on Wild Surge Spot is Strickty Proibited, Blocking Structures Will Be Immediatly Removed.
  • No Building to block paths/NPC areas or in invalid areas (immediate removal if found), if blocking a passage is required to complete your building,
    ask an admin first and be sure to create an alternative path to reach blocked destination.
  • No Glitching/Cheating/Exploiting whatsoever (immediate ban of entire clan with base removal)
  • No griefing other players (Pls Report to Admin, if no admin online plz send screenshot or video proof Thanks)
  • No spamming of foundations around your base or another player base (immediate removal if found)
  • No harassing players in chat
  • No personal/racist/gender or RL threats or attacks will be tolerated, be respectful to other players(continued offenses immediate player ban) Screenshot proof is required if no    admin online.
  • Admins will not replace lost items due to Bugs/Server Restarts/Crashes/Updates.
  • Always please remove any buildings you will not use anymore.