The Iron Tower Pve Server

  • Server Information:
  • IP:
  • Discord:
  • Server Location: EU Germany
  • Server Auto-Restart at 6:00 AM – GMT+1
  • General Rules:
  •  English in Global chat please no spamming of other languages.
  • No Building to block paths/NPC areas or in invalid areas (immediate removal if found), if blocking a passage is required to complete your building,
     ask an admin first and be sure to create an alternative path to reach blocked destination.
  • No Glitching/Cheating/Exploiting whatsoever (immediate ban of entire clan with base removal)
  • No griefing other players (Pls Report to Admin, if no admin online plz send screenshot or video proof Thanks)
  • No spamming of foundations around your base or another player base (immediate removal if found)
  • No harassing players in chat
  • No personal/racist/gender or RL threats or attacks will be tolerated, be respectful to other players(continued offenses immediate player ban) Screenshot proof is required if no    admin online.
  • Admins will not replace lost items due to Bugs/Server Restarts/Crashes/Updates.

           Additional Buildings Rules:

  • For every guild you are allowed to build 1 big castle, try to use a good amount of common sense on this one please
    Additional Outpost, 1 small outpost in the specific matter maximum 6 x 6 in every zone of the game map, desert, north, frozen north.
    For the volcano area, only 1 small building here, 4 x 4 or a temporary wheel of pain, after the thrall capturing is complete please remove the wheel, thanks.
    For all buildings the same rules about blocking is applied, no full blocking of any path, please keep a close eye on this matters in the volcano area.
    Always please remove any buildings you will not use anymore.